33 indigenous Marma families facing threat to eviction by land grabber in Rowangchari under Bandarban district

A total of 33 families of indigenous Marma community are facing threat to eviction in connection of land grabbing in Fakkhyong Para under Taracha Mouza in Rowangchari upazila of Bandarban district.

It is reported that the 33 Marma families have been living in Fakkhyong Para for generations. Three acres of land of this village with a holding number 56 was recorded in the name of village head (called as karbari) Mr. Chaithowai U Mog in 1929. However, recently, a Bengali settler named Md. Samad Ali demanding in public that the two-third of this land is belongs to him.

It is learnt that in 1985, Md. Samad Ali registered two acres of land of this village into his name secretly with a holding number 345 with the help of local administration in Bandarban. He is now giving pressure to the villagers to vacate the land soon. The villagers are now under force to eviction.

It is mentionable that the land grabber Md. Samad Ali came to this village from a plain district in the time of 1982-83. He looked for a shelter from local indigenous people. The villagers were so kind to provide him a land for his livelihood. But he became a disloyal to the community people by grabbing their lands furtively. At any moment, 33 families of Fakkhyong Para are passing days with threat to eviction. The miscreants of land grabber have continuously been harassing them with the aim to uproot them from their village and to occupy their ancestral land and homestead.

On 24 June 2013 the indigenous Marma villagers submitted an application to the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban district to cancel the registration of land grabber informing the real situation with recommendations of local Member Parliament (MP) Mr. Bir Bahadur, Upazila Parishad Chairman, Mouza Headman and Union Parishad Chairman. The land grabbing issue has been also published in local newspaper of Bandarban district.

33 Marma families of Fakkyong Para who are facing threat to eviction are as follows:

  1. Re Aung Karbari s/o late Sagya U Marma;
  2. Chathowai Prue Marma s/o late Thui Aung Prue Marma;
  3. Toung Lungya Marma s/o late Chai Thowai U Marma;
  4. Mongchohri Marma s/o late Mongtu Marma;
  5. Sauching Marma s/o late Neosakhoi Marma;
  6. Prue Saching Marma s/o late Neosakhoi Marma;
  7. Outhui Marma s/o Sauching Marma;
  8. Unue Mong Marma s/o Sauching Marma;
  9. Kyaching Nue Marma s/o Sauching Marma;
  10. Kyaching Mong Marma s/o late Mong Sagya Marma;
  11. Redase Marma s/o Chathowai U Marma;
  12. Monghla Ching Marma s/o Toung Lungya Marma;
  13. Mong Ching Marma s/o late Kya U Ching Marma;
  14. Kya Mong U Marma s/o late Thowai Mong Marma;
  15. Sai Mong U Marma s/o late Methowai Marma;
  16. Mong Mong Ching Marma s/o Nue Myamong Marma;
  17. Alung Marma s/o late Shwekya Mong Marma;
  18. Mong Nue Prue Marma s/o Naji Rang Marma;
  19. Mong Kyew U Marma s/o Mongchorhi Marma;
  20. Thui Bue Marma s/o late Paihla Aung Marma;
  21. Mongkya Ching Marma s/o Chathowai Prue Marma;
  22. Khyaboma Marma w/o late Mong Sagya Marma;
  23. Pui Sang U Marma w/o late Mongsa Thowai Marma;
  24. Mongdo Marma s/o late Mong Sanu Marma;
  25. Mong Ching Nue Marma s/o Chodong Mong Marma;
  26. Mirhi Marma s/o late Mong Sagya Marma;
  27. Pai Nue Mong Marma s/o Moktho Marma;
  28. Ahla Marma w/o Sau Ching Marma;
  29. Kay Thui Prue Marma s/o Ukya Ching Marma;
  30. Mong Saching Marma s/o Toung Lungya Marma;
  31. Uchahla Marma s/o Hlacho Marma;
  32. Ubasing Marma s/o Chothowai Prue Marma;
  33. Mongsa Prue Marma s/o Toung Lungya Marma.

Please find application (in Bangla) of the 33 Marma villagers submitted Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban district: