A 7-year indigenous child brutally killed after rape in Sherpur district

On 30 March 2013, a 7 year indigenous girl named Bithi Deo, daughter of Gabriel Hadima and Purobi Deo of village Panihata of Nalitabari upazila under Sherpur district was brutally killed after rape by a miscreant. The girl was a student of class one of Panihata Christian Mission School. She used to go to school from her grandfather’s house of same village regularly since her parents work in Dhaka city for their jobs.  It is learnt that the girl was being late in the evening of 31 March, then relatives of victim searched her and found the dead body in a bush which is very close to her neighbor Mr. Kanti Deo.  Primarily, it is assumed that the girl was killed after rape by Kanti Deo when rapist found her alone in the bush, because Kanti Deo is hiding somewhere after the incident. On 31 March, the dead body was taken to the district hospital of Sherpur for autopsy. A murder case was filed against Kanti Deo with Naniatoli police station of Sherpur district.