A minor Tripuragirl raped by a Bengali settler in Khagrachari, alleged rapist handed over to the police

On 2 October, 2014 at 10:00 am a 13-year-old Tripura indigenous child have been raped by a Bengali settler in Ranyabari village under Bhaibonchara union of Khagrachari sadar upazila in Khagrachari district.

It is learnt that like any other day victim’s father went to forest early morning for collecting woods. Later, her mother went to the Bhaibonchara bazar to attend Durgapuja celebration at 8:00am. Meanwhile, at around 10:00 am, Md. Zia Rahman (32), son of Md. Abdul Malek of Bhaibonchara village entered their house for a glass of water. At the time, after knowing no one is at home except the girl, Md. Zia held down her neck, did hit in her right hand, in head and also in face then escaped after forcibly raped. Then, when her mother returned home from Durgapuja celebration, found her daughter in endanger condition and got to know about the rape incident.

Later with the help of the girl, Mohammad Zia Rahman, a hired motor bike driver, was identified when returning on the road again (the house beside the road) and arrested him wants to know about the rape. Md Zia Rahman confessed his misdeed with the presence of the passenger on his motorcycle Hapreng Tripura, son of Suniti Kumar Tripura and offered to pay medical expenses.

At that time, victim’s mother rejected that offer and handed overaccused rapist Md. Zia to the police. In this connection,Smritypurna Tripura, father of the victim filed a case with the Khagrachari sadar model police station under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act. The case no. is– 02, dated 02/10/2014. Later, the victim was admitted to the Khagrachari Sadar Hospital for treatment and medical test.