An 8 year old indigenous girl killed after rape in Dighinala and an Marma woman beaten by Bengali settlers

An 8 year old indigenous Chakma girl killed after rape in Dighinala

On 9 April 2013, an 8 year old indigenous girl named Champa Chakma, daughter of Rokkeya Chakma has been killed allegedly after rape at Rangapanichora village of  Merung union of Dighinala upazila in Khagrachari district. She was a class three student of Dokkhin Rangapanichora Government Primary School.

It is reported that on 9 April 2013, Champa and her younger brother with speech disabilities went to jungle to collect wild vegetables in Rangapani Chara. Champa’s parent and villagers were worried when Champa’s younger brother came back home alone in the evening. But he could not express his speech properly due to his speech disabilities. He tried to make community people understand that Champa was forcibly taken away from there by three Bengali settlers, and was able to escape from the scene. On the next day, Champa Chakma’s dead body was found in Rangapanichora jungle with two chopping marks around her neck.  The police rushed to the spot to rescue the dead body under its custody. Still police investigation report is delivered by police department.

An indigenous Marma woman injured and beaten by Bengali settlers at Bangalhalia

On 25 April 2013, two Bengali settlers named Alauddhin Kosai (45) and his son Russel Kosai (16) beat an indigenous Marma girl named Thuima Ching Marma (35) wife of Chathowai Prue Marma at Bangalhalia Bazar area  of Rajsthali upazila in Rangamati.

It is learnt that around 4.30 pm Alauddhin and his son went to cut bamboo at  Chathowai Prue’s bamboo garden without any permission from owner at Dak Banglo area, the adjacent area of Chathowai Prue’s house. Thuima Ching came forward and protested against cutting of bamboos from their garden. The miscreants started beating and hitting her inhumanly by their sticks while she tried to oppose them from cutting their bamboos. The perpetrators fled away when local people gathered at the incident’s place. The victim was seriously wounded and received treatment from adjacent Union Parishad Clinic. The community people were getting ready to go to police station to file a case against culprits on behalf of victim.