An indigenous Garo women physically assaultedby owner of beauty parlor in Rajshahi

On 11 September 2014, in Rajshahi the owner of Senorita Beauty Salon Mohsin Shikdar physically assaulted Lisa Rongdi (a worker in the Beauty Salon). Lisa belongs to Garo indigenous community. When informed, Lisa’s husband Prokash Chimon went to the spot and rescued her. Then then admitted her to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. The next day, Lisa filed a case against Mohsin Shikdar at Rajpara Police Station.

Prokash Chimon informed that, at present Mohsin and his sister are not in a good relationship. Therefore, when Lisa went to Mohsin’s sister’s house, he was angry about it and then physically assaulted Lisa.

Lisa complained that, on that day Mohsin pulled her hair and threw her on the floor, it caused her wound on her head and forehead and her nose was bleeding. Mohsin then kicked her in the stomach as well as beaten her with a stick. She eventually loses her senses.

In the hospital, there is allegation that Mohsin’s wife Soma Shikdar influenced the authority not to provide treatment to the victim. That’s why Lisa went out from hospital without having proper treatment. Now Mohsin has been forcing Lisa in different ways for withdrawing the case filed against him.

In protest of this incident, on 16 September 2014, Narinirjaton Protirodh Committee (Women Repression Prevention Committee) organized a human chain and gatheringat Shaheb Bazar Zero point in Rajshahi.

Speakers at the Human chain demanded that the perpetrators should be punished and justice need to be ensured immediately. They also urged the administration that the perpetrators should not get away with the crime with any political influence. They demanded for proper punishments of the perpetrators (Mohsin Shikdar and Soma Shikdar).

Abeda Raihan the President of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad of Rajshahi district presided over the gathering. Kalpana Roy, General Secretary of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad of Rajshahi district and Shahin Akhtar of the Social Welfare Committee spoke in the gathering.