An indigenous Marma child raped in Kaukhali

On 23 March 2014, a 13-year old indigenous Marma girl, a primary school student of class IV, was raped by a Bengali settler namely Md. Belal a daily labor of Tarabania Brickfield of Kolompoti union under Kaukhali upazila in Rangamati district.

It is reported that the victim went to school as usual in morning. On her way back home, Md. Belal suddenly seized and raped her forcibly in a jungle. The victim’s relatives started looking for her nearby area of their residence when she was not coming back home timely. Finally they found her in a jungle at around 4.30 pm in a senseless stage. Her relatives took her back at home, and after having a primary treatment she explained about her rape case against Md. Belal. She informed that she was forcefully raped by the abductor. A case was filed with the Kaukhali police station in connection with the incident. The villagers handed over the culprit Belal to police in the mean time.