Attempt to rape of an indigenous Chakma girl in Rangamati

On 12 April 2014, a 22-year old indigenous Chakma girl was attempted to rape by a Bengali man named Bitan Barua (27), son of Roton Barua and Laxmi Barua from Barua Para of Devasish Nagar in Rangamati town. The victim lives temporarily in a rent house in Barua Para Devasish Nagar too for her study purpose.

It is learnt that, at around 00.15 am on the day of the incident, victim and her friends Sajib Chakma and Merion Chakma were standing in front of her neighbor’s house to celebrate phul Biju festival (the first day of the biggest cultural festival of CHT indigenous people).  In this time Biton Barua along with three unidentified persons came there and asked them that what they are doing. They started beating Sajib Chakma and Merion Chakma without any cause. In this time, Biton Barua tried to hug and kiss the victim. At the stage of physical attack Biton Barua bites the victim’s chick when she refused him. Then the victim pushed him and run away to her home and informed her roommates.

The victim filed a case (no. 04/28) with Kotwali police station against Biton Barua and his associate’s alleged attempt to rape with Kotwali police station on the next day.