Building the statue of Lord Buddha hindered in Baghaichari

Section 144 imposed

Local military and civil administration of Baghaichari upazila hindered the local people from building a statue of Lord Buddha in Ajalchug Temple area in Baghaichari upazila under Rangamati district. On 30 April 2014, upazila administration imposed section 144 in that area for an uncertain period.

It is learnt that, local indigenous people of Bongaltali union under Baghaichari upazila started to build a 10 feet high Lord Buddha statue in Todekmarakijing temple area. On 28 April, soon after the building of the statue began, warrant officer of local Dui Tila army camp hindered the locals from building the statue. The next day same thing happened and police force was deployed. After that some journalist and representatives of local people came to know about the incident and visited the area.

Local administration declared that the area is reserved for the Department of Forest and any type of infrastructure cannot be built in there. They imposed section 144 for an uncertain period of time claiming that the situation is not good and hassle could be happen at any time.

It has been known from sources that there was no such incident happened that needed to be controlled. Mainly the target of military was to create problem between indigenous and Bengalis.Local people believe that the main target of the administration for imposing section 144 was to stop the indigenous peoples from building the Buddha statue and create an opportunity for the settlers to grab the land of indigenous peoples.

At present construction of the statue of Lord Buddha remain stopped. WHAT ABOUT SECTION 144?