Communal attack on indigenous Jumma people by Bengali settlers at Basanya union in Longadu, 14 injured

On 12 December 2014 at around 3.30 pm, a total of 54 indigenous Jumma people came under attack of Bengali settlers at Shilkabachara under Basanya Adam union of Longadu upazila in Rangamati district. Among them, 14 persons sustained injuries. Later, a group of BGB rushed there and rescue them.

It is learnt that likewise every week, on that day (Thursday) afternoon, the Jumma villagers brought their home grown crops (Bananas, Papaya, Potatoes, Chilies and different vegetables) to Shilkabachara shops, near the jetty to take them to Shuvolong Bazar (market) the next day (Friday, which is the market day in Shuvolong) for selling.  During this time, out of nowhere, a group of Bengali settlers, led by Md. Babul Miya alias Minister Babul (45), Md. Tajul Islam (36) and Md. Javed Ali (48), started attacking on the Jummas with sharp knives, spears and wooden clubs. At such situation, some of the innocents Jummas were able to escape, some took shelter inside shops and some tried to resist the attack. Some local Bengali elders also came forward to save the Jummas. They provided shelter to 54 Jummas in a Bengali owned shop and tried to stop those Bengali settlers who were attacking the Jummas.

After receiving information, a group of BGB, led by deputy-commander of Rajnagar BGB camp, and another two groups of BGB from local Fokhshapara and Ghonomor BGB camps, rescued the Jummas who got stuck up.  Later on, they were handed over to Amar Chakma, headman of Khagrachari mouza. He took the responsibility to reach them home safely.

The Bengalis complained that, a group of indigenous terrorist had demanded extortion from a Bengali person, named Md. Nobi Hossain (25), s/o Md. Omar Ali, from Shilkabachara. It was alleged that the Jumma terrorist had beaten him up as he refused to pay taxes. Out of 54 Jummas who got injured, 14 have been identified as:

  1. Nobodip Kumar Chakma (35), s/o Shurlal Chakma, Shilkabachara
  2. Shanti Kumar Chakma (40), s/o Bir Mohan Chakma, Shilkabachara
  3. Tapas Chakma (16), s/o Shontosh Kumar Chakma, Khagrachari.
  4. Probhat Chandra Chakma (47), s/o late Shundor Moni Chakma, Shilkabachara
  5. Nolini Ranjan Chakma (32), s/o late Olodhor Chakma, Shilkabachara.
  6. Shufol Chakma (16), s/o late Ashok Kumar Chakma, Shilkabachara.
  7. Prem Ranjan Chakma (48), s/o Lanka Kanta Chakma, Shilkabachara.
  8. Kalim Chakma (26), s/o Joy Moni Chakma, Shilkabachara
  9. Sudarshan Chakma (16), s/o Doyal Chakma, Shilkabachara.
  10. Shohel Chakma (16), s/o Lorgi Kumar Karbari, Shilkabachara.
  11. Babul Chakma (27), s/o Jugal Chandra Chakma, Shilkabachara.
  12. Shona Moni Chakma (17), s/o Shanti Kumar Chakma, Kerangachari.
  13. Proti Ranjan Chakma (35), s/o Ratna Kumar Chakma, Shilkabachra
  14. Bijoy Giri Chakma (40), s/o Brojendra Chakma, Shilkabachara.