Indigenous Chakma Women killed after gang rape in Mahalchari

On 29 March 2014, an indigenous Chakma women’s dead body was found at west Kiyangghat area under Mahalchari upazila of Khagrachari district. The deceased was identified as Bharoti Chakma (28), daughter of late Ajoy Kumar Chakma, a resident of Karalyachari Headman Para in Mahalchari upazila. She was killed after gang rape claimed her relatives and local villagers.

It is learnt that, Bharoti Chakma worked at a garments in Chittagong city. On 26 March, around 4.00 pm she rode on a bus to her home from Chittagong. She also informed her family that she was going to home by bus. But she did not reach at home on that day.

According to the press release, Bharoti Chakma rode on a motor cycle towards home, when she reached at Kiyangghat area, five Bengali settlers from Pagjachari and Kalopahar bunch village forcibly took her nearby Segun garden and killed her after gang rape. Then the rapists dragged the dead body to a hill village from west Kiyangghat and left the body in a Mango garden. Police rescued the half melt body on 29 March, when the local villagers saw the body and informed them.

One by one incident including rape, murder and oppression has been occurred on indigenous women and due to the proper justice, perpetrators are survive repeatedly without punishment. Till today, no one arrest on Sabita Chakma killing. Due to the lack of action by administration, perpetrators are encouraged to occur again those types of incident. Jumma people urged to conduct proper investigation of the incident and take immediate legal action against alleged perpetrators and make an example.