Kapaeeng Foundation organizes a “Capacity Building Training of Youth on ILO Convention 107, 169, 111 and International Human Rights Mechanisms”

Kapaeeng Foundation (KF) organized a youth training titled “Capacity Building Training of Youth on ILO Convention 107, 169, 111 and International Human Rights Mechanisms”, from 1-3 November at Royal Hotel in Bandarban district with support from International Labour Organization (ILO). The objective of the training was to enhance understanding of indigenous youths on ILO convention 107, 169 and making them aware about international human rights mechanisms. A total of 29 indigenous youth from diverse ethnic groups from Chittagong Hill Tracts participated in the training, most of who are studying at different colleges and universities.

On the first day of the training there was an opening session; where Honorable member of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council (CHTRC) Mr. Sadhuram Tripura; Chairman of Rowangchari Upazila Parishad Mr. Kyawba Mong Marma and President of the Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples Forum-Chittagong region Mr. Sharat Jyoti Chakma were present as guests. The opening session was chaired by Executive Director of KF Mr. Pallab Chakma while Mr. Hiran Mitra Chakma of KF delivered welcome speech.

In his speech Mr. Sadhuram Tripura said that to work further and carry the legacy of the elders, youth are needed to be equipped with multiple skills and be specific while acquiring the knowledge for the goal to achieve a complete knowledge. Mentioning about ILO Convention No. 107 and 169, he said that these international instruments for the rights of indigenous peoples should be popularised widely. He also emphasized on the practice of these knowledge and to divert into an asset to the indigenous community for the overall development. Other speakers of this session expressed that this training would help to build a strong network among the youth and that would lead youths to move together for the development of the society.

The training has covered many issues, including the basic understanding on human rights and UN human rights mechanisms, the basic understanding on gender and related issues, UN mechanisms on the rights of indigenous peoples, basic understanding on ILO Conventions 107, 169, and 111, ILO Convention and indigenous peoples’ engagement into this tools, leadership development and responsibilities of indigenous youth, national laws and policies related to indigenous peoples’ rights, media advocacy and digital security.

On the second day of the training the participants have paid a field visit at a Mro village named Mrolong, to see Mro indigenous people’s life and livelihood practically.  On third day, an experience sharing session was conducted by Mr. Lelung Khumi, which describes his life and the struggle in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Again, with the participation of the participants “Youth Forum: a panel discussion session” was held. Ms. Ramree Bawm moderated the discussion where with a panel of six participants, who have shared their personal experiences on different issues.

On the closing session, Ms. Wyching Prue Marma, vice chairman of Bandarban Sadar Upazila Parishad was present as guest of honour and distributed certificate to the participants. In her speech Ms. Wyching Prue Marma said that it is wonderful to be a part of an event where a group of young people apart from studies and work, participating into trainings on ILO and International Human Rights mechanisms. She requested the youngsters to be aware about the rights and to practice for the betterment of the society.

In their experience sharing session participant thanked ILO and KF for organising this important and exclusive training for them. They emphasized to organise this type of capacity building training for youth. Finally, with the closing remark of Pallab Chakma the training has came to an end.

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