Two innocent Tripura seriously injured after being beaten by miscreants in Mirosorai on the false complain of robbery

On 19 July 2013, approximately at 3pm almost more than 150 Bengalis led by Mohammad Fakir Islam attacked on Tripura Para in the upozila of Mirosorai under Chittagong District. In this attack Ananda Tripura Son of Rajarai Tripura and Raj Kumar Tripura Son of Robira Tripura were brutally tortured after being kidnapped. Ananda Tripura was seriously injured.

It is learnt that, Mohhamad Fakir Islam son of Omar Khan who are staying near forest office at Talbaria Tripura under Mirosorai Upozila claimed that on that day his house was looted by Ananda Tripura and Raj Kumar Tripura and Fakir Islam with his gang attacked on Tripura Para on that night.

Police rescued Ananda Tripura and Raj Kumar Tripura when they were informed about the incident and brought them in Police Station. At that time local chairman and members went to the police station and informed to the police that Ananda Tripura and Raj Kumar Tripura are innocent, and they cannot do such act like robbery. When they said it, the gang of Mohhamad Fakir Islam tried to be rough on them. Police prevented them to do so. Later, police released them after giving treatment in local health clinic.