Two Tripura girls rescued from a captivity in Dhaka with the help of ASK and Police

On 5 November 2014 police rescued two Tripura girls from a house in Dhaka. According to the girls’ parents, their daughter Nindobala Tripura (17) and Anjali Tripura (16) were brought to Dhaka by Surojit Barua for providing employment. However, they were made house maids of Mr. Surojit. For their work last one and half years they were not paid any salary rather they were physically tortured by the family members of Surojit. Even the house owner did not allow them to keep contact with their parents. With all these allegations police arrested Mr. Surojit Barua during the rescue operations from his Dhanmondi residence in Dhaka.

It was reported that the two girls were brought to Dhaka in August 2013. Victim Nindobala’s sister-in-low Nayan Tripura was known to Mr. Surojit. Using this connection Mr. Barua asked Nayan to bring two girls who are looking for job. Getting this offer Nayan brought these two girls. They both are permanent residence of Dittokarbari Para of Patachara Union in Ramgarh Upazila under Khagrachari district.

After coming to Dhaka, first two months Nindabala contacted with her sister Nindolakkhi but afterwards they have stopped all kinds of communication. Their parents tried in all kinds of ways to contact them but failed. When asked about the girls, Nayan Tripura informed that the girls are fine and in a few days they will be home soon. In this way time has passed but they were unable to contact the girls. In the meanwhile, on the 23 October 2014, Nindabala Tripura made a phone to Bipin Tripura, a local resident of Patachari. In the phone call, she mentioned that Surojit Barua withheld herself and Anjali Tripura on the above address and if they are not rescued soon they will be trafficked.

Knowing the above information, their parents tried contacting with Anjali and Nindabala but it did not work. Later, with the help of members of the Tripura Kallyan Songsod they have contacted with human rights organization Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) for rescuing Nindabala and Anjali.One and half year of this cruelty ended when police raided on 5 November 2014. After being informed about the physical torture, the police rescued the girls and householder Suronjit Barua was arrested but his wife Sumita Barua (55) fled away.

Officer-in-Charge of Dhanmondi police station Abu Bakar said that, the two indigenous girls were withheld and they were physically and mentally tortured. They were not even allowed to contact their families at home. Victim Anjali Tripura’s father Mr. Purna Kumar Tripura has filed a case under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act against the householder. The case no. is 05, dated 05/11/2014, section 344/323/506 of Penal Code.