About us

The term ‘Kapaeeng’ is derived from indigenous Khumi language, meaning ‘Rights’. Kapaeeng Foundation is a human rights organization, which was established on 1 April 2004 with the view to working for promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples of the country. Kapaeeng Foundation is duly registered with the Joint Stock Company and Firms of Commerce Ministry, Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.


The vision of Kapaeeng Foundation is to establish a society based on the values of justice, equity and freedom where fundamental freedoms and human rights of indigenous peoples are ensured.


The mission of Kapaeeng Foundation are, among others, to promote and protect the human rights of the indigenous peoples of the country and to conduct advocacy, lobby and campaign programme for the same at local, national, regional and international level; to establish a strong network and partnership with national, regional and international organizations and individuals working on promotion and protection of human rights as well as indigenous peoples rights and to raise the capacity of the indigenous peoples in promoting and protecting the human rights.

Organisational Structure

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the organization and meets at least once every year to decide on the direction of Kapaeeng Foundation. Executive Committee (EC) is the governing body of the organization. EC is composed of 9 members headed by Chairperson. An Advisory Committee composed of maximum 5-member indigenous experts and activists guides and advises the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is the chief functionary of the secretariat of Kapaeeng Foundation and supervises the daily working of the secretariat.


Membership of the organization is open for any indigenous persons of the country who must subscribe to the aims and objectives of Kapaeeng Foundation, who must be 18 years or above of age, who must be both mentally and physically sound and fit and must be obliged to pay monthly and annual membership due. The applicant must apply in prescribed format with a recommendation of two members. The Executive Committee decides on the membership applications.


Kapaeeng Foundation seeks to bring about an effective and respectful partnership between the indigenous peoples’ organisations and communities, community-based organisations, civil society organisations, national, regional and international human rights organisations, media, educational institutions and government agencies, UN agencies, development planners in regard to promote and protect of human rights of indigenous peoples.

Network member

Kapaeeng Foundation is a member of International Land Coalition (ILC) and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) (an organisation of indigenous peoples’ movement in Asia) based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kapaeeng Foundation also involved with Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL) running by Oxfam-GB.