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  1. Attack on indigenous Tripura women to grab their land in Mirsharai,10injured
  2. Three Years Indigenous Santal Child Raped in Naogaon
  3. 19 Years Kalpana Chakma Abduction: Women, Student, Rights Defenders and Indigenous Organizations Staged Mass Demonstration and Rally in Dhaka Demanding Justice for Kalpana
  4. An indigenous Garo woman gang raped in a moving micro bus in Dhaka
  5. 14 indigenous women and girls subjected to sexual and physical violence in last February-March
  6. CHT Civil societiesdemand postponement of setting up of a University and a Medical College at Rangamati andwithdrawal of the prejudiced order of the Ministry of Home with regard to the CHT
  7. Two indigenous people killed, six women and girls subjected to sexual violence and two massive communal attacks on indigenous peoples take place in January 2015
  8. Indigenous Khasi girl found dead in Moulvibazar
  9. An indigenous Marma girl raped in Khagrachari
  10. Meeting on implementation of CHT Accord held in Rangamati decides to amend CHT Land Commission Act soon
  11. Communal attack on indigenous Santalvillage by Bengali land grabbersin Dinajpur, 25 houses gutted and 65 houses vandalised& looted
  12. A grade II Indigenousstudent raped in Kaukhali
  13. Indigenous Bagdi mother and daughter raped by Bengali miscreants at Pangsha in Rajbari


  1. Attack on Garo villagers in Netrokona
  2. Indigenous Munda woman physically harassed in Satkhira
  3. An indigenous youth shot dead and another one injured by forest guard in Kaptai
  4. Parliamentary Caucus urges govt to respect the rights of indigenous peoples and be sensible to them so that they could become a part of the development process of the country
  5. Indigenous Students Demand Constitutional Recognition and Restitution of Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  6. Alarming Trend of Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls Continue in Bangladesh
  7. BIPF urges govt to enact Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act ensuring basic rights of indigenous peoples and to declare roadmap for speedy & proper implementation of CHT Accord
  8. Khasis livelihoods are in danger: 72 Indigenous Khasi families may lose their ancestral their land
  9. IPOs and CSOs in Bangladesh undertake programmes for celebration of 9 August International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
  10. Land of indigenous Rakhines being grabbed by two influential brothers in Kuakata, Patuakhali
  11. Indigenous boy shot deadin Naogaonin a clash over land
  12. An influential political leader grabs ancestral land of indigenous Khasi people in Jaintiapur
  13. Communal attack on indigenous Jumma people by Bengali settlers at Basanya union in Longadu, 14 injured
  14. Attack on Chakma women in Teknaf, 7 Chakma women injured
  15. Civil Society members condemn communal attacks in Rangamati and killing of Bablu Hembrom, demand full implementation of CHT Accord
  16. A grade II Indigenous student raped in Kaukhali
  17. Indigenous Bagdi mother and daughter raped by Bengali miscreants at Pangsha in Rajbari
  18. Peaceful Blockade against Medical College Set-up turns Rangamati in Turmoil


  1. A teen-aged girl killed after raping in Kaptai and two girls were attempted of raping in Khagrachari district
  2. Jumma residents of Jhagarabil area in Rangamati protest against land acquisition for establishing university evicting them who once uprooted by Kaptai Dam
  3. 50 houses torched, 3 assaulted and a Buddhist temple vandalised in a massive arson attack on indigenous Jumma villages by Bengali settlers in Rangamatifollowing settlers’ pineapple plantation ravaged
  4. An indigenous schoolgirl brutally killed allegedly by Bengali settlers in Kaptai
  5. 13 indigenous women and girls subjected to violence in last two months in Bangladesh, 18 alleged attackers on Bichitra Tirki granted bail
  6. Update on attack upon Bichitra Tirki in Chapainawabganj: 18 alleged attackers granted bail
  7. A Jumma women physically assaulted by a settler in Mahalchari
  8. Two Tripura girls rescued from a captivity in Dhaka with the help of ASK and Police
  9. Two Tripura women attempted to rape by BGB personnelin Sajek
  10. A four year Chakma girl raped by a Bengali settler in Panchari
  11. Two school girls attempted to rape by three Bengali settlers in Longadu
  12. An indigenous woman attempted to abduct by Bengali settlersin Kaukhali
  13. Manipuri girl student stabbed at the classroom in Sylhet
  14. A minor Tripuragirl raped by a Bengali settler in Khagrachari, alleged rapist handed over to the police
  15. A minor Chakma girl attempted to rape in Naniarchar
  16. An indigenous Garo women physically assaultedby owner of beauty parlor in Rajshahi
  17. Badiul Alam gang files writ petition against cancellation of land leases to the High Court and continues to land grabbing and eviction of Jumma villagers in Alikadam
  18. First World Conference on Indigenous Peoples held at the UN Headquarters in New York
  19. An indigenous Tripura girl raped by a Bengali settler in Matiranga
  20. Civic Groups Demand Justice for Indigenous Khasi People
  21. Another fresh false case filed against Khasi villagers in Sreemangal
  22. Update: Bichitra Tirki fights back
  23. Handing over the local Tourism to the three Hill District Council
  24. Coordinator of International CHT Commission attacked in Bandarban
  25. Dead body of an indigenous woman recovered in Rangamati
  26. Update on case of Gulshakhali-Bogachatar communal attack: CID submit investigation report to the court
  27. Indigenous Tripura villagers attacked again at Mirsarai in Chittagong district
  28. An indigenous women activist raped and three indigenous persons including a woman killed in a week in Bangladesh
  29. IPOs and CSOsin Bangladesh undertake programmes for celebration of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
  30. Indigenous peoples’ land grabbing by influential land grabbers intensified in first six months of 2014, 74 families evicted, 11 families attacked& 42 injured
  31. 18 hurt in a clash between BGB and indigenous villagers regarding land disputes in Dighinala
  32. Laden Group grabs huge lands belonging to indigenous peoples in Lama, 74families evicted & 221 families under threat of eviction
  33. Attack on an indigenous Koch family in Mymensingh, 2 injured
  34. Indigenous people attacked by land grabbers with an intention to grab their land in Pabna, 6 injured
  35. BGB inspect Chaltachara mouza to set up a camp on the land belonging to Jumma families in Matiranga
  36. Buddhist monks protest move to acquire 25 acres of land for establishment of BGB camp in Bandarban
  37. Building the statue of Lord Buddha hindered in Baghaichari
  38. Miscreants attack and grab indigenous people’s land in Tanore
  39. Civic rights groups demand exemplary punishment to perpetrators and justice of victims of attack on indigenous Santals in Dinajpur
  40. Indigenous Khasi villagers attacked by land grabbers in Moulvibazar, 20 injured, Adivasi rights activists protest
  41. Bengali settlers attempt to grab Jum land in Longadu
  42. Barbaric Attack on 4 indigenous Santal men of Nababgonj in Dinajpur district
  43. Report on Violence against Indigenous Women (January- April 2014)
  44. A Garo indigenous girl gang raped in Dhaka
  45. Attempt to rape of an indigenous Chakma girl in Rangamati
  46. Attempt to rape of an indigenous santal girl in Rajshahi
  47. An indigenous Tanchangya woman kidnapped by a group of miscreants in Naikhyongchari
  48. A Patro indigenous woman raped in Sylhet by an Army
  49. An indigenous Chakma girl with speech-disability raped by two Bengali settlers in Laxmichari
  50. Indigenous Chakma Women killed after gang rape in Mahalchari
  51. An indigenous Marma child raped in Kaukhali
  52. An indigenous Marma girl attempted to kidnap by Bengali settlers in Kaukhali
  53. Upazila Elections 2014: Indigenous candidates win 18 chairman posts, 20 female vice chairman and 17 vice chairman (general) posts
  54. Rakhaine people threaten of eviction from their ancestral land in Kuakata
  55. Indigenous woman representatives attend the CSW58 as a part of global indigenous leaders
  56. Asia Preparatory Meeting on UN Mechanisms and Procedures related to Indigenous Peoples held in Philippines
  57. Attempt to rape of an indigenous minor girl in Panchari
  58. A teenage indigenous girl gang raped in Manikchari
  59. An indigenous Marma girl raped in Matiranga
  60. Kalpana Chakma abduction case: SP again fails to submit report and Court set new date 7 April for submission
  61. High Court directs PSC to qualify 280 indigenous candidates who left out in the revised result
  62. Violence spread over Sabita Chakma’s killing in Khagrachari, Protest continues demanding justice for Sabita Chakma
  63. Local UP chairman grabs land belonging to indigenous Oraon peoples in Sylhet
  64. Human Chain demanding justice for Sabita Chakma, immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of the murderers
  65. Indigenous Chakma woman allegedly murdered after gang rape in Khagrachari
  66. Attack on indigenous villagers by Bengali land grabbers in Cox’s Bazar leaving 7 women injured
  67. An indigenous girl gang raped by a group of miscreants in Mirasarai and her father committed suicide over the trauma
  68. Public hearing on indigenous peoples human rights held in Dhaka
  69. Miscreants burn down an indigenous house in Gazipur
  70. Civic groups demand amendment of the CHT Land Commission Act during the running session of the Parliament
  71. Initiative to set up BGB battalion headquarters on 30 acres of lands evicting 50 families of indigenous villagers in Dighinala
  72. Land grabbers led by bit officer chop down hundreds of betel leaf trees in Sylhet with an aim to occupy land of Khasia people
  73. Communal attack upon Jumma laborers took place in Chittagong EPZ area leaving 21 indigenous workers injured
  74. An indigenous girl raped by a Bengali Settler and another girl believed to be kidnapped in Longadu
  75. Land grabbing and attack on indigenous peoples by land grabber Mujibul Haque gang in Lama
  76. Culture of impunity: Police submits untrue reports twice on Gulshakhali-Bogachatar communal attack case with an aim to provide full impunity to the accused
  77. 33 indigenous Marma families facing threat to eviction by land grabber in Rowangchari under Bandarban district
  78. Communal attack on Jumma villages by Bengali settlers in Matiranga-Taindong of Khagrachari district
  79. Fresh land grabbing in Naikhyongchari intensified amid recent recommendations to take action against land grabbers
  80. A Teenage indigenous girl raped by Bengali Settler in Shuvolong
  81. Land Md. Badiul Alam occupied thousand acres of land belonging indigenous Jummas and permanent Bengali residents in Alikadam
  82. Two innocent Tripura seriously injured after being beaten by miscreants in Mirosorai on the false complain of robbery
  83. Update Report on eviction of Chak indigenous peoples by land grabbers at Naikhyongchari in Bandarban
  84. Bengali land grabbers attack dwellings of indigenous peoples at Ghoraghat upazila in Dinajpur
  85. An indigenous woman seriously injured on an open fired with rubber bullets by the police in Khagrachari
  86. Santal Revolution Day observed in Dhaka: Recognition of rights to self-identification of indigenous peoples demanded
  87. Indigenous women leaders submit a joint statement on VAIW in Bangladesh to the UN Special Rapporteur on VAW Ms. Rashida Manjoo
  88. Rights groups demand amendment of CHT Land Commission Act as per agreed 13 point amendment proposals
  89. CHT Land Dispute Resolution Commission Act of 2001
  90. Present state of amendment of CHT Land Disputes Resolution Commission Act 2001
  91. Bengali settlers attack on indigenous villagers in connection to land grabbing in Lama
  92. An 8 year old indigenous girl killed after rape in Dighinala and an Marma woman beaten by Bengali settlers
  93. Press Statement by UNPO on the Universal Periodic Review of Bangladesh
  94. 21 families of indigenous Chak community left their village following harassment of land grabbers in Naikhyongchari
  95. An indigenous Hajong tailor’s shop damaged and looted by Bengali miscreants in Sherpur
  96. An indigenous woman teacher abducted in Panchagarh district
  97. A 7-year indigenous child brutally killed after rape in Sherpur district
  98. Land grabbers hack to death an indigenous Santal villager in Noagaon
  99. Wildlife Act passed in the parliament, indigenous leaders spark into reaction
  100. Indigenous peoples compelled to leave the village, following forcible land grabbing in Lama
  101. Bengali settlers commit robbery on Jummas in lake area in Longadu, 3 Jummas wounded
  102. An indigenous Jumma woman killed allegedly by Bengali settlers in Rangamati
  103. Probe attack on Chakma Palli in Teknaf, demand educationalists, politicians and indigenous leaders
  104. Women rights groups demand judicial inquiry to the violence against indigenous women including killing, rape and abduction
  105. Huge land grabbing by outsiders in Bandarban evicting indigenous villagers and permanent Bengali residents
  106. An indigenous college girl tried to rape by a Bengali settler in Rangamati
  107. An indigenous Chakma girl attempted to rape by four Bengali settlers in Rangamati
  108. An indigenous Tripura girl raped by two Bengali settlers in Fatikchari
  109. Bengali settlers commit robbery on Jummas in lake area in Longadu, 3 Jummas wounded
  110. Update on police attack on Chakma village in Teknaf : Police compel to sign villagers in white paper
  111. Jumma villagers attacked by Bengali settlers with the intention to grab land in Barkal
  112. Police attack on indigenous village in Teknaf, 11 injured & a woman gave birth to a premature baby due to inhuman torture
  113. An indigenous woman gang raped by Bengali miscreants in Sylhet
  114. Rights groups form a human chain urging to take action against increasing atrocities on indigenous peoples including women and children
  115. A minor indigenous girl killed after rape in Naogaon
  116. 11th session of UNPFII opens There will be no true development without participation of the indigenous peoples, says Ms. Asha-Rose Migiro, UN Deputy Secretary-General
  117. 4 indigenous laborers killed at Manda in Noagaon
  118. An indigenous woman allegedly assaulted, raped and looted by Bengali settlers in Longadu
  119. Violence against indigenous Jumma women by Bengali settlers continues in CHT
  120. Communal attack on indigenous Santal villagers by Bengali land grabbers in Tanore where five houses burnt to ashes
  121. Two indigenous villagers arrested by police in connection with false case filed by Bengali land grabbers in Tanore
  122.  An indigenous adolescent killed allegedly by forest guards in Kaptai
  123. Ministry of LGRD issues a racial letter against indigenous peoples