Indigenous Munda woman physically harassed in Satkhira

On 8 July 2015, around 11:00 am, a group of land grabbers suddenly attacked a 35 year old Munda woman based on the conflict arises from residential land argument and goat trans passing to the neighborhood houses at Jelekhali Munda Para in Shyamnagar upzila under Shatkhira district.

The Munda woman was beaten brutally based on the issue of goat transpass in neighborhood while she was alone in her house. As the victim has described, Md. Alamgir Kagji (22), Tanjila Khatun (20), Nur Islam Kagji (45) suddenly came into the house and beaten the Munda woman with hands, later they started to beat her randomly by knob stick and she seriously got injured to hospitalized soon after she was rescued by the locals. After the incident the husband to the woman lodged a case in Shyamnagar police station against the people mentioned above on 23 July 2015, the case file number is 207.

The follow up to the case says, though they are found guilty and been ordered to arrest the perpetrators soon, yet with the support of the administration none is arrested. In the mean time the local civil society has arranged a settlement between the victim and the perpetrators, where it was settled that the victim will receive 15,000 taka from the perpetrators in return of withdrawal to the case. Again, there are alleges that soon after the settlement the perpetrators again started to thrive the family and other Munda people around that area.

According to the sources, this is not the first time that these people are harassing and beating around the people in the Munda Para. In before 3 families has suffered on a same way by the alleged perpetrators. Though they found to be guilty for threatening and beating the Munda people in a same way, but they get rid of all alleges with the support of either the local members of Union Parishad or the administration.