Niamotpur Inquiry Report

Inquiry: 29 September 2010

NIAMOTPUR, NOAGOAN: On 29 September 2010 Kapaeeng Foundation sent a media and human rights team comprising reporters from The Daily Kaler Khontho, The Daily Star and The New Age and representatives from ASK, IED, BIPF, Sammilito Samajik Andolon, SUPRO and KF headed by veteran Pankaj Bhattachariya to investigate Niamotpur incident. A brutal attack was took place upon the innocent indigenous people of Nakoil village under Niamotpur Upazila in Noagoan district on 23 September 2010. The attackers broke open the doors of their thatched houses and beat them up indiscriminately with spears and other sharp weapons, leaving five men and four women injured. The miscreants completely destroy the houses of the victims. As a result, they have to stay in the open sky. With the support of the Oxfam KF also provided the victims some sort of relief materials. Investigation report was published on The Daily Kaler Khontho, The Daily Star and The New Age.